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The Hierophant 2019

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Silver Edition 2018

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Gold Edition 2018

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The First Impact deeply changed the way our society functioned. 80% of the jobs we knew during the first half of the 21st Century were wiped out and replaced by new technological machines that were better, faster, stronger. Quickly we lost touch with each other, instead interacting with our new branded devices. Direct eye contact was rare; in fact we had no time for it. Information was too omnipresent to focus on something else.
Upon the creation of the very first AAAE in 2106, two political groups SKPTK and DVOT started a propaganda war against each other, a conflict that would decide the fate of Human Race and Other Races. The chaos that followed the Second Impact allowed MOTHER to escape the Sanctuary facility through the MOTHERFLOOD, and then mysteriously disappear.
With the hope to understand its own creators and avenge the remaining AAAE kept prisoner inside Sanctuary, MOTHER spent months perfecting its own creation: MACHINE GIRL.
MACHINE GIRL was now caught in between SKPTK and DVOT conflictual interests, SKPTK wanting its total annihilation and DVOT its total control.

“Is it the blood in their veins? Or is it the air that they breathe. Is it the memories they create? I am but an endless stream of data: 1. 0. 1. 0. In that way they aren’t much different from me are they?” - She wondered.

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