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The Hierophant 2019

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The Hierophant 2,900 - Earth
The social pressure and mad belief in scientific advancement have trapped us in a fortress of rules and processes. Tracked, monitored, every bit of our existence is under constant control. You have been stuck in a loop, forever repeating itself. You could try moving against the crowds. You could try to swim against the current, or try and run, go tear appart the banner of good conscience. Sick of this path of wisdom, you may be disgraced, guilted, shamed, abandoned, shall that be the price of true freedom, please go off the beaten path, turn your back on sanity, head where madness is lurking!

Thus A Circle Became a Square
Look at them! Like sheeps in agony they are painfully climbing the hills of enlightment after a far too long walk of shame. They will squander what is left of your spirit, they will cut off the edges of your true self, and Thus A Circle Became a Square, because only a square shall fit that box.

Science is dead
It tooks humanity tens of thousands of years to free itself from the divine. A shortcut to humanity's own's existence, a close window overseeing the fear of the abyssal truth. Infinity was always here, an endless gigantic hungry void, swalling the loneliest of the lonely spirits. Terrified, we have tried to make sense of it. Thousands of genius minds, a massive worldwide agency for the honourable quest of truth. But this truth was overdone, restricted, confined and abused by calculations, thus science became a child of the divine, a new divine made of 1 and 0. They will say that I am a rebellious fool, a madman and a sick-mind, but there comes
my truth: Science is dead! And we have killed it!

Earth, Heaven and Hell
At my feet lies the keys to heaven. At my left is the pillar of obediance, at my right is the pillar of disobediance. Look at my disciples, they have consumed every bit of what was left of their critical spirit. They have contemplayed this illusion too long. They have put their beliefs in my symbols, and have cherished far too much my guidance. They have crucified their humanity on the shrine of certainty.

Accept to reject, accept to refuse, accept to provoke and to disagree, accept to destroy and to commit yourself to the forbidden. Accept that this world lies to you, just so you can lie to it. Play with the rules of the universe or accept to be played by them. Embrace chaos and forget the super-calculations. Accept what lies beneath your feet, and elevate yourself. Accept Chaos..

Machine Girl's story
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